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Isle of Wight Ribeye Steak 270g-280g


Our WA Foods, Isle of Wight ribeye steak is enriched considerably from a nugget of natural fat, the ‘eye,’ to keep the meat succulent.

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Our WA Foods, Isle of Wight ribeye steak is enriched considerably from a nugget of natural fat, the ‘eye,’ to keep the meat succulent, while it promises a full flavoured treat as the fat caramelises and tenderises the meat when cooked. Ideal for both weekend treats and midweek meals, our born and bred Isle of Wight Rib Eyes are sourced exclusively from herds reared on lush pastures, before being hung to enhance the luscious qualities of the steak meat.

Also known as Scotch Fillet, the Rib Eye Steak is taken from the rib primal of a beef animal with the bone removed. It's traditionally known as a butcher's cut because the butcher would reserve certain tasty cuts for himself, the Rib Eye being one of them. As it comes from the upper rib cage, the muscles are underused with more fat, promising tender and well-marbled meat.

A sure-fire treat, and a good introduction to Isle of Wight native breed and free-range steak due to the deep flavour the Rib Eye promises. The difference with regular meat, when compared with this butcher's steak, is instantly recognisable. Serve with homemade chips, a summer salad, and a good dollop of hollandaise sauce.

For perfect cooking and measuring internal temperatures, we recommend always using a meat probe.


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